Who doesn’t love a good action-packed spy film? Or a movie starring Bruce Willis? Well, these two latest films check all of our boxes, and they’re coming to you in a theater close by.

Team work makes the dream work in “The 355.” Jessica Chastain is leading a squad of all female spies from around the globe. They’re out to stop terrorists from destroying the world with a top secret weapon.

What’s not a secret is the movie’s rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s a splat!

Jessica Chastain (it ain’t easy): “I’m very, very excited that it’s finally getting out into the world, but it definitely, it was a learning experience every single day.”

“I wouldn’t go there, sheriff.”

Siege the day! Bruce Willis has a fight on his hands in “American Siege.” He’s a sheriff out to rescue a doctor, who’s been taken hostage by a gang.

“My family, they built this town.”

Bruce Willis (as Ben Watts): “I’m the sheriff of this county.”

Timothy V. Murphy (as Charles Rutledge): “Don’t forget who put you there.”

Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t have a rating yet, so maybe it’s no “Die Hard,” but I’ll take what I can get.

Yippee kay-yay!

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