When it comes to fast food, quick and yummy are the first things that come to mind.

While some restaurants can talk the talk, only one can “wok the walk.”

Wok is a popular franchise in Europe, and this is the first one in South Florida.

And they gave us a peek at what makes them so good.

You haven’t been to a fast-food restaurant quite like this.

Wok to Walk on Miami Beach is bringing the heat– literally.

Kevin Somarriba: “Wok to Walk is an Asian fusion where we cook noodles and rice in an open kitchen, where you get to see a show, and it’s a scratch kitchen, so everything is made to order.”

A wok is a pan where the food is cooked together, and everything here is made on the spot, right in front of you.

It’s like lunch and a show, only way cheaper.

Kevin Somarriba: “The way we start off is that we choose our bases, you have your noodles or, if not, you can choose a veggie mix. Then, from there, you get to choose your favorites. That can be chicken, salmon, pineapple, beef, shiitake mushrooms. Then, after that, they get to choose their sauce.”

Placing an order is easy, figuring out what you want, not so much!

But if you’re having a hard time choosing, you can pick from their best seller list.

Kevin Somarriba: “Our best seller list, it involves eight different preset wok mixes that are known throughout, internationally, and are the best combinations that we have.”

Three of our favorites included the vegan treat, fire in the body and the super veggie.

Mike: “I feel like I’m being healthy when I’m eating here. There’s a lot of vegetables, and there’s so many options. It’s a pretty diverse, vast menu. There’s something for everyone.”

Everything is built around your likes, so it’s exactly “wok” you want.

Kevin Somarriba: “Everything that they order is built at their own taste and likes. That’s what makes us so great.”

You know what’s also great?

Beer and ice cream!

Kevin Somarriba: “Over here we carry three different beers on tap, one which is exclusively to ours called Miami Wok to Walk blonde, as well we do have a nice soft serve ice cream that is vegan friendly.”

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