Can we interest you in a place where the barbecue ribs are so good, you’ll bang your head in delight?

Yeah, because a real rock star is behind the counter.

Well, maybe not the counter, but he’s behind the concept.

Barbecue lovers and Iron Maiden fans get the best of both worlds at Rock n Roll Ribs.

Whether it’s just the meal or all the memorabilia on the walls, this eatery is bad to the bone.

But, like, we mean good.

When Nicko McBrain is behind the drums for heavy metal band Iron Maiden, he brings the beat.

But when he’s at Rock n Roll Ribs, his barbecue restaurant in Coral Springs, he brings the meat.

Offering up ribs that rock is a dream come true for Nicko.

Nicko McBrain: “All over these years I’ve experienced these wonderful restaurants, barbecue restaurants, all over the world. I’ve experienced baby back ribs from everywhere, and I fell in love with ribs.”

In this place, it’s what the ribs are slathered in that makes them so special.

Nicko McBrain: “The secret is the sauce, really. I came up with the sauce, and it’s molasses-based. It’s a sweet barbecue sauce, and that’s really the key to it.”

The chicken wings are also swimming in that sweet sauce.

While the menu is dripping with Iron Maiden song references.

Nicko McBrain: “‘The Final Frontier.'”

That’s right.

This bacon-wrapped big boy is called The Final Frontier Dog.

Look out for the onion rings and the white cheddar mac and cheese.

And this side dish is known as When the Wind Blows Beans.

The band is all over the walls here.

Nicko McBrain: “I’ve got enough accolades and awards over the years to actually hang them on the wall. After I’ve spent 40 years with Iron Maiden. You know, it’s over half my life.”

Nicko’s also made some good friends over the years, like Alice Cooper.

Nicko McBrain: “Alice supported us many times out with Maiden as special guests.”

You never know when Nicko will drop in and hang out at your table.

Everything you see and taste here comes back to him.

Nicko McBrain: “It’s a Nicko McBrain themed restaurant.”

Restaurant patron: “This is the only place in the world that I go to have ribs. There’s just nobody that can beat it anywhere I’ve tried.”

Nicko told Deco he makes a habit of popping in to Rock n Roll Ribs whenever he’s in town.

He’s just like any fan of the restaurant, he loves the food there.

Rock n Roll Ribs
4651 State Rd 7
US 441, Coconut Creek, FL 33073

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