Holiday desserts can be tricky, and pleasing everyone is impossible– most of the time.

But there are two places in So-Flo that make the perfect holiday treats sure to please everyone at your next party!

The best thing about the holidays are the desserts, and if you want something classic with a twist, Pink, Love, Donuts and More in Oakland Park puts boring, plain donuts to shame.

Diego Macedo: “Pink, Love, Donuts and More is a family-owned business. We do donuts from scratch, eighty flavors a day.”

Biting into one of these is like biting into a cake but better!

Diego Macedo: “The difference between a regular and a gourmet donut, it’s the toppings that we put on top, we go from a regular donut to donuts that have four, five, six, elements on top.”

Saying happy holidays has never been easier.

Especially when it’s spelled out for you.

Diego Macedo: “We started doing and offering letters so people could have a happy holidays or whatever special occasion.”

Forget the gingerbread, cause a donut can do no wrong.

Just be sure to call two days in advance for special requests.

If you’re in a sweet mood, Frudeco has something fun to ramp up the holiday cheer.

Yarden Weiss: “Frudeco is a custom made bakery. We’re located in Miami shores. We offer letters cake, numbers cake and shape cakes. This year we create a very special collection for Christmas. We have four different designs in all Christmas colors.”

It’s all customizable, so you can make sure it fits the color scheme of your party.

You can get your favorite Christmas shapes, like Santa’s hat or a Christmas tree, minus the presents underneath.

Yarden Weiss: “Everything is related to Christmas, all the decorations. Everything is edible, snow, candy canes, fruits, chocolates, everything is Christmas colors and everything you can eat.”

These cakes can give Mrs. Claus a run for her money, ’cause Santa won’t be able to keep his mittens off them.

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