It’s time to talk tech, and by tech, I obviously mean the incredible technology that goes into making Fox’s hit series “Alter Ego.”

The show is back tonight, and we’re hitting some high notes with judge Nick Lachey.

Alter Ego contestant: “My head’s spinning around. I can’t see clear no more.”

The competition is heating up on Fox’s avatar singing competition “Alter Ego,” and judge Nick Lachey is loving it.

Nick Lachey: “All in all, I think it was a really strong performance.”

Nick says it’s really cool seeing the audience get so into the performances.

Nick Lachey: “The biggest compliment that we can get as a show is that when you’re watching these performances, you don’t feel like you’re having to over analyze that technology or anything. It just feels like you’re watching a concert.”

And it’s not just about the technology. Nick thinks it’s really cool learning why contestants wanted an alter ego.

Nick Lachey: “Whether it’s a stage fright situation or maybe it’s a body image insecurity, whatever that need is that made them feel like they need to have an alter ego, I think people can identify with that.”

He also says it feels pretty different to be watching from home than it does from the judge’s table.

Nick Lachey: “We were trying to judge the performance from the alter ego, not knowing so much about the person behind it, but now that I’m watching it, it’s fascinating, and it’s a whole other take. I feel like I’m watching a whole other show.”

Alter Ego contestant: “Love me like you do, love me like you do.”

Nick says he’s never gotten to try out the tech used in the show but totally wants to.

Nick Lachey: “I still don’t know how the flying thing worked. I think everyone would be lying if they said they didn’t want to fly.”

And when it comes to tonight’s double elimination episode…

Nick Lachey: “incredible performances that only get better and better as they get more comfortable. It’s a fight to the finish, that’s for sure.”

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