Time to liven up yourself. The Third Annual Reggae Jam goes down at Oasis Wynwood, Sunday. Deco got a preview of what to expect at Miami’s Circle House Studios, and we haven’t stopped smiling.

That’s a taste of what fans will hear at this weekend’s Reggae Jam, when members of two legendary reggae groups, The Wailers and Inner Circle, take the stage.

Ian Lewis (spread the jam): “They’re gonna experience some real reggae music, you know, in terms of people playing, you know.”

The two bands are headlining the show, and trust us, you’ll get your reggae fix here.

Ian Lewis: “It’s one of the real reggae festivals, ’cause sometimes you go to a festival, they got nine acts coming on, one guy grab the mic, one guy grab this. You never hear a drum solo, you never hear a guitar solo.”

Reggae will bring all kinds of people out to the show, so expect a diverse crowd of music lovers at the jam.    

Ian Lewis: “It has no color. Reggae no Black, it no white, it’s just a vibe, and if you feel the current, just tap into it and expand your mind.”

Inner Circle is ready to spread good vibes on Sunday.  

Roger Lewis (let them entertain you): “We love giving back. There’s not a musician that I know that don’t want to stand there in front of people and play and see people grooving and people being really happy, you know.”

You’ll be singing and dancing along to a ton of classic tunes.

Roger Lewis: “The Wailers is pretty much representing the legend himself, the icon of reggae music, the godfather of reggae music — Bob Marley himself — so you’re gonna hear all the great Bob Marley songs, and when we come with the ‘What you’re gonna do when they come for you.'”

Aston Barrett Jr. is carrying on the musical legacy of the Wailers. The son of original member, Aston “Family Man” Barrett, the drummer is jazzed to bring those unmistakable songs to the jam.

Aston Barrett Jr.(a Wailer for life): “I know the sound, and I have the sound, and I have the love for the music, and it’s not a material thing. It’s a thing that I want to do to preserve to make the people feel this music.”

The Third Annual Reggae Jam, with Inner Circle, the Wailers and plenty of surprise guests, goes down Sunday at Oasis Wynwood. It’s $15 to get in.

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