Are you in need of a margarita and a grand old time? Well, if a marg is involved, it’s always a good time. One spot in Miami s bringing an immersive storytelling experience, and it’s all about America’s favorite cocktail. Mark my words: you do not want to miss it.

Have you ever wondered how the margarita cocktail came to be?

The Margarita Live Experience at Palapa in Upper Buena Vista explains how the popular drink became just that, but in a fun way that might also include a sip or two.

Rene Lavan, Margarita Live Experience: “The Margarita Live Experience is something truly unique to audiences here in South Florida: an idea of taking out prosceniums in theaters and bringing you a show where audiences are smack in the middle of it. Margarita Live throws it back for music from the ’30’s, ’40’s and ’50’s, but we’re also mashing up music from today, giving it that swing vibe.”

It combines music and spoken word to tell the stories of who created the cocktail, and who it’s actually named after.

Rene Lavan: “When we started creating the show, we realized that the stories behind the cocktail were even more amazing than the cocktail itself, and that there were more than a handful of people claiming that they invented the margarita, so we created a show where they compete with each other.”

Nicolette Hernandez: “My name is Rita Hayworth and the margarita was named after me by Danny Negrete.”

Nicolle Garcia: “Marjorie King here, and actually, it was named after me.”

So who is the real ‘Margarita?’ That’s a question for guests to decide for themselves. After enjoying the two margaritas included with your ticket.

Nicolle Garcia: “I think people are going to be really excited, and they’re going to love the comedy of it.”

Rene Lavan: “One of the things people enjoy the most is that we have actually created some amazing margarita cocktails that are especially crafted for this experience alone. Some of them are included in the ticket price, sand then ome of are also offered as part of the show.”

The show is a marg lovers paradise, and it’s easy to understand why.

Rene Lavan: “What’s not to love about the margarita? We wanted to have something that was celebratory, and when we started doig the research about who created the margarita, we said, ‘Whats the number one spirit in the world? Tequila.’ ‘What’s the number one drink in Aamerica and in the world?’ The margarita.”

Tickets for Margarita Live start at $100. Deco is giving away two free tickets to the show. All you have to do is email your name, address and phone number to, and you could win, so good luck.

The Margarita Live Experience
184 NE 50th Terrace
Miami, FL 33137

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