Wanna dress up your eyes for the New Year? Or get a fresh-faced look for an upcoming vacay? You’re in luck. Masked up with less makeup is all the rage, but first, you’re gonna need a lash lift.

Don’t blink, or you’ll miss the latest beauty trend.

When it comes to beautiful eyes, Bruno Mars was ahead of his time.

And while loving yourself “just the way you are” is a great concept, a little help in the lash department “never hurt nobody.”

In fact, any kind of luscious lash is one of Hollywood’s secret beauty weapons.

Case-in-point: the lash lift.

Caleb McGrew, owner, Skn Elements: “It’s really going to open up your eye and give you a ‘no makeup,’ beautiful, fresh ready-to-go look. It’s great for vacationing, too, if you’re going to be in the water.”

At Skn Elements in Miami, it’s all about giving good face.

Caleb McGrew: “Brow tattoos, all the lash treatments, body contouring, if it’s for your skin, we do it.”

The lash lift is one of their hottest services. Sign me up.

First, a few “before” pictures. 

Patricia Duque: “You’ll see a natural lift, and they will look darker because I am going to tint your lash.”

Perfecting your peepers is basically a perm for your natural lashes.

A protective shield starts the process.

Caleb McGrew: “When you’re putting it on, you smell like you’re in a 1980s hair salon.”

Then each lash is individually lifted with a special non-toxic de-bonding solution.

Caleb McGrew: “You want to look awake and beautiful without having to put on mascara and do all the eye makeup, get your brows done. Throw on a lash lift, and you’ll look gorgeous on your trip.”

After years of wearing fake lashes on TV, I’m about to be a free woman with the keratin lash infusion.

Patricia Duque: “It’s not your basic lash lift; it’s more of a treatment for your lashes. It helps you grow out your lashes and makes them stronger.”

The lashes are sealed under plastic.

Then it’s time for a little heat, which activates the process.

This part takes about 10 to 15 minutes, so it’s a good time to rest and relax.

Patricia Duque: “Both last about four to six weeks.”

Tinting the lashes definitely makes the eyes pop.

The lash lift takes about 30 minutes, the keratin infusion about an hour.

Here’s my before and after with the keratin treatment.

Take a look at our models’ lash lift, too.

Natural lashes with a little lift will never go out of style.

Skn Elements
7295 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33150

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