The third annual Greater Fort Lauderdale Food and Wine Festival is coming up fast. The weeklong event is a showcase for the area’s cool culinary scene. There’s a full plate of events that will have foodies smiling from ear to ear.

Things are getting hot in Broward. The Greater Fort Lauderdale Food & Wine Festival is back in town.

Kate Reed, Greater Fort Lauderdale Food & Wine Festival: “We really try to put the spotlight on Greater Fort Lauderdale and the chefs that are here, the mixologists, all of the things that Broward has to offer.”

The festival gives folks a chance to discover the deliciousness of the 954.

Kate Reed: “There is a great foodie scene here. They don’t have to go north or south; they can stay right here in Broward County and find some amazing places to eat and drink.”

One of the tastiest events is being thrown by a local hospitality group, The Restaurant People, at Java & Jam. It’s called the TRP Takeover.

Kate Reed: “Executive chefs from the restaurants are going to be all together doing different courses throughout the night. It’s a wine-pairing dinner, so, very exciting.”

Yolo is sending its chef to the takeover to create a dish from the deep.

Chef Martin Verano, Yolo: “I am making a panca marinated octopus with an olive and harissa ragu and bucatini pasta.”

The octopus is grilled, cut up and sauteed with the ragu ingredients, then mixed in with the pasta and plated. Apparently, it is to die for.

Carlota, diner: “The dish was really good. It tastes, like, fabulous, everything with everything.”

Over at TRP Taste, you’ll find out how to turn cold cuts and cheeses into works of art.

Chef Chris Miracola, TRP Taste: “I’m lucky enough to be able to do a demonstration called ‘The Art of Charcuterie,’ which is meant to show that charcuterie can be done at home, and we’re also doing a freshly pulled mozzarella aspect.”

Learning how to put a charcuterie board together or make fresh mozzarella will feel less like school and more like hanging out with a foodie friend.

Chef Chris Miracola: “So it’s basically me welcoming people into our home here at TRP Taste, right on the ground floor underneath the rooftop.”

Speaking of rooftop, there’s something wet and wild going on up there, too.

Ayoub Bukhari, TRP Taste: “We’re hosting what’s known as ‘Cocktail Confidential.’ It’s a unique experience where you get to go up and try some of our master curated cocktails.”

We’re talking about liquid beauties — like the tequila sour riff and the garden party.

Looks like the Greater Fort Lauderdale Food & Wine Festival will be great, indeed.

Diner: “I am so excited for the festival, to connect with all of my friends.”

The festival kicks off Monday, Jan. 10, and runs through the 16th. It benefits the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.

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