Bad decisions can lead to great times.

Maybe criminal charges but great times…

In Fox’s “Pivoting” three women are determined to live their best lives.

No matter how much trouble it gets them into.

Sometimes you just gotta switch things up a little.

Or even a lot!

And on the new Fox comedy series “Pivoting,” three women get the wakeup call they didn’t know they needed wWhen the heartbreaking death of the fourth member of their close-knit childhood friend group reminds each that life is short.

Maggie Q: “So she immediately quits her job and says, well, I’m going to work here.”

Maggie Q plays Sarah, a doctor who’s tired of giving people bad news.

Maggie Q: “She feels that she’s given up so much for this profession that makes her miserable.”

So she trades her medical gloves for grocery bags and a new life!

Maggie Q: “Sarah’s pivot was very dramatic, but I hope that they’ll look at it and sort of understand the confusion and the fear and everything that comes with making a big life change.”

Ginnifer Goodwin plays Jodie, a stay-at-home mom whose husband is kind of a jerk and wants to get her groove back.

Ginnifer Goodwin: “Jodie starts to work out for the first time and is looking to get in shape in order to feel better about herself, and she’s doing this secretly.”

Oooh, and is there danger on the horizon?! Look at this trainer!

Ginnifer Goodwin: “Women who love women are going to love this show.”

Eliza Coupe plays the hardworking Amy.

Eliza Coupe: “She decides she’s going to be a mother to her two children.”

Who takes a good look around and realizes…

Eliza Coupe: “She has a pretty great situation, and she wants to kind of immerse herself more into that.”

It’s never too late to click that rest button, even if there are a few stumbles along the way.

Ready to pivot toward your TV set?

Catch the season premiere of “Pivoting” this Sunday night at 8 p.m.

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